Intrinsic Functions

abs(a): absolute value

exp(a) : exponential

log(a) : natural logarithm

log10(a): decimal logarithm

sqrt(a):square root

step(a): if a > 0 the result is 1, otherwise the result is 0

cos(a): cosine

acos(a): arc cosine

sin(a): sine

asin(a): arc sine

tan(a): tangent

atan(a): arc tangent

sinh(a): hyperbolic sine

cosh(a): hyperbolic cosine

tanh(a): hyperbolic tangent

a can be any valid expression.

Tip: you can build logical constructs by using the step function (e.g., step(x-4)*sqrt(x) is 0 for x less or equal 4 and sqrt(x) for x greater then 4)

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