Input Language

We designed PDESOL with the objective of minimizing the amount of effort it takes to specify a system of partial differential equations. The aim was to have a language which closely resembles the mathematical notation, and to relieve the user of the burden of having to work with arrays, indexes, subroutine calls to solvers, etc. In addition, we wanted to avoid the compilation step typically required when programming PDE problems directly in FORTRAN code. Our goal was to provide a self-contained computing environment for the solutions of systems of partial differential equations.

Most of the specification takes place in the PDESOL Equation Window. A few parameters are entered in input boxes, and the system of differential equations is entered in a text window using an input language which we hope you will find very easy to learn and remember. There are a few syntax rules and operators to remember, and extensive syntax checking helps you to avoid mistakes.

While we tried to make it easy for you to specify the system of PDEs, we did not want to sacrifice power and flexibility. With PDESOL, you can solve real-world problems which often require variable material properties and complicated initial and boundary conditions. You can easily include algebraic, tabular, and conditional expressions in the problem statement, and use several built-in functions.

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