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The demo version of PDESOL is limited to solving the demo problems (Application Examples). The user can -and is encouraged to- experiment with the input language, specifying problems of one's own, but these problems cannot be run past the initialization stage. They can, however, be saved with the solution up to the initial condition.

Only the demo problems can be run with the demo version, provided the problem statements have not been altered (including the notes, comments and problem title). For the demo problems, the user can vary the general parameters and obtain new solutions. The new solutions can be saved. The general parameters that can be changed are:

t0, tf, oi Initial time, final time and the output interval
xL, xU, NX Lower and upper boundaries, and number of grid points in space
Integrator Choice of Euler, RKF45 or LSODES integrators
mf Stiffness parameter for LSODES
relerr, abserr Relative and absolute errors

The user is encouraged to experiment with the general parameters to see the differences in the solutions by varying the number of grid points, the output intervals in time, and the error tolerances; and by using different integrators. The solutions may not be acceptable if a very coarse grid is used. On the other hand, much computation time may be wasted with an excessively large number of grid points, or very stringent error tolerances. Some problems may not run under a different integrator, depending on the nature of the problem (e.g. stiff vs. nonstiff problems). These points will be appreciated through experimentation.

Download PDESOL V3.0 demo version (5609 KB)



You can also download the following PDESOL documentation in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. You need Adobe Acrobat reader (available free of charge from Adobe) to open these files.

PDESOL v2.0 Quick Reference Guide (607 KB) -- This reference guide describes the program Graphical User Interface, and includes a summary of the pdesol input language. You can use this guide to quickly learn how to run pdesol. An extensive on-line Help file provides additional details (including a tutorial, detailed description of commands and input language, guidelines for the specification of parameters, and a discussion of differential equations and the method of lines).

Application Examples Statements (34 KB) -- This document contains thirteen (13) PDESOL application examples illustrating the ease of setting up problems and using the powerful capabilities of pdesol. For each problem, a brief description is given, together with the mathematical statement of the governing differential equation(s) and auxiliary conditions. For comparison, the differential equations and auxiliary conditions are also expressed in PDESOL input language. The run-time on a Pentium 90 machine is also included.

Application Examples Description (12 KB) -- This document contains a description of the twenty-one (21) PDESOL application examples included with the program. For each problem, approximate run-times obtained on a Pentium 166 MHz machine with 32 MB RAM are also shown.

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