All variables specified in the Equations Window are available for visualization after the problem is solved. PDESOL automatically stores the values of these variables at every solution step (controlled by the parameter "Output Interval (oi)" in the Equations Window). If applicable, PDESOL also stores the values of these variables at every x grid point (controlled by the parameter "Number of x points (NX)" in the Equations Window).

Depending on the problem, the stored solution may consist of a rather large file. pdesol has several tools to help users visualize the solution. These tools extract from the stored file only the portion of the solution of interest to the user, presenting it in the form of tables and/or charts. Using dialog boxes, the user specifies the view and pdesol takes care of retrieving and displaying the results using default formats.

PDESOL includes two windows to visualize the solution: the Table Window and the Chart Window. The Table Window is actually a spreadsheet, offering powerful post-processing options to perform additional calculations using the problem solution. A wide range of formatting options are also available for tables and charts, as well as exporting/importing capabilities to share tables and charts with other applications.

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