PDESOL Pricing Information

PDESOL is available in single-user and multi-user (site license) versions. Academic institutions and their faculty, staff and students can purchase PDESOL at a 30% discount.

A single-user version of PDESOL is $490 ($343 for faculty, staff and students at an academic institution). Under the single-user license agreement, PDESOL may not be used on more than one computer or by more than one user. To cover the situation in which multiple users are interested to use PDESOL in one organization, we also offer a site license agreement. Under the site license agreement, you may make unlimited number of copies of PDESOL and its documentation for installation in computers belonging to your organization and located in the same geographical site. With a site license agreement, PDESOL may be used on more than one computer and by more than one user at any time as long as the users and/or computers belong to your organization and are located at the same geographical site. Installation on a network server for the purpose of internal distribution to computers in the same geographical site is allowed. The PDESOL site license is $1490 (discounted 30% for academic institutions - $1043). A single-user license can be converted at a later date to a site license for $1000 ($700 for academic institutions).

We also offer personal copies of PDESOL at a discount to individuals affiliated with an organization which has purchased a site-license agreement. Staff at an institution with a site-license agreement can purchase single-user versions of PDESOL at $70 per copy, to be used on a personal computer at home, for example. An institution can also request personal copies of PDESOL for staff at $70 per copy together with the purchase of a site license agreement ($49 for faculty, staff and students belonging to an academic institution with a site-license agreement).

Discount pricing plans for personal copies of PDESOL are available to individuals from other organizations, who are attending a short course offered by an academic institution with a site license agreement. Please contact us for details on these pricing plans if they are of interest.

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