(v3.0 Released October 2002)

Welcome to PDESOL v3.0, a new class of software for engineering and applied science to easily solve systems of partial differential equations and much more...

The steps to a PDESOL solution are illustrated below (left to right, click on image to zoom in):

math.gif (2715 bytes) ===> equations.gif (12397 bytes)   table.gif (14905 bytes)   chart.gif (18974 bytes)

  • PDESOL v3.0 solves systems of up to fifty (50) partial and ordinary differential equations.
  • Input statements closely resemble the mathematical statements of the problem
  • Powerful visualization of the solution, including spreadsheet output and 3D charts
  • v3.0 runs on Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP

View a screen capture (41 KB) of PDESOL v3.0. The mathematical statement of the problem is also shown to compare with the PDESOL formulation of the problem.

Download a demo version of PDESOL v3.0.

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