Syntax Rules

1. The editor is case sensitive

2. Comments can be added by using an apostrophe (') preceding the comment, and can be placed to the right of the equation on a given line or anywhere on a separate line. Blank lines are also allowed. Multiple statements in the same line are allowed, but they must be separated by a semicolon (;)

3. t is the reserved name for time, and x is the reserved name for space

4. In general, any variable in the right hand side (RHS) must be previously defined. Names of dependent variables must be defined in the corresponding boxes. There are no additional restrictions in the order of equations

5. The equations should be arranged so that time derivates appear on the left hand side of the equation (LHS).

Example: The equation

Ut + vUx = 0

should be expressed as

Ut = -vUx

and specified in PDESOL input language as

U_t = -v*dxu(U,1)

6. If the spatial derivative of a dependent variable at either boundary is used (e.g., in a boundary condition such as U_x@xL), the spatial derivative must be previously defined (e.g., by U_x = dx(U))

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